Coin Master Usb Control Box

  • If you need a reliable charging box to control usb ports then Coin Master Usb Control is the best solution.
  • Takes advantage of a great, well known multi coin acceptor giving the best posible solution to accept any coin and token.
  • Uses the latest updated of a quality timer board providing many options and possibilities.


Perfect design. Created by thick wood with a polished outer finish.


It can be easily adapt to any furniture or just placed near the controled console or computer.

Intelligent System

Intelligent CPU software control, and high accuracy

Self Programming

Self-programming without PC

Coin Flexibility

Accept 1 to 6 different kinds of coins at the same time


Prevent not only electric shock but also electromagnetic interference

Self Test

Automatic self-test for problems

Output Pulse

Free to set up pulses' output

Powerfull and flexible Coin Acceptor

  • We use powerfull multi coin selector, it can accept up to 6 kinds of different coins at the same time. 
  • This type of coin selector is widely used in Vending machine, Arcade Game, Massage chair, and other self-management system.
  • The sensor is mainly based on material, weight and size to identify coins.
  • We use the most up to date algorithm to design software.
  • Therefore, coin acceptor is very stable and accurate even when environment changes such as temperature, and humidity etc...
  • In order to increase the accuracy, we suggest different version of coins use different channel to set up.

Reliable USB Time control Pcb Timer board

  • The USB Time control Pcb Timer board can control any usb port. 
  • This type of time control board is widely used in Arcade Game, computers, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.
  • Continue counting time after power off and on
  • Reset time and value after power off and on
  • Available in minutes:seconds or hours:minutes
  • We can have it ready and programmed for your needs  

Buy Coin Master Usb Control Box

-Please don't hesitate to call us at +30 2310729873 for any possible question about our products.

-We can sell the Coin Master box preprogrammed for your needs with all the necessary cables and power supply and get it ready to plug and play.

-We can sometimes rent the Coin Master Usb Control Box, install it for you and provide support for at least 6 months period.

-Feel free to fill the contact form and ask us any possible question or detail needed for our product and service.

-In case you need more than one box you get special discount so please inform us about the quantity needed.

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